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Realm of Gondor
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Officers of Gondor
  • Regent: Xooyan of Andredesweald (mka: Swan Sheridan)
  • Field Commander: Orion the Hunter (mka: Clayton Clark)
  • Chronicler: Wyswael (mka: Jon Wiswall)

The Masses

  • Zaedric (mka: Brian Evans)
  • Elbryan Wyndon (mka: C.J. Clark)
  • Sir Tasis (mka: Jeff Keely)
  • Fol Rad Cearnach(mka: actually I think he was born this way)
  • Eilonwy (mka: Jill Scott)
  • Wybjorn (mka: Mike Rose)
  • Dark Heph (mka: Chris Tracy)
  • Tass L Hoff (mka: Dennis Simonson)
  • Core
  • Lumen
  • Lorekain

These warriors, great and small, make up the Realm of Gondor . Let it be hoped that they may truly stand the test of time as the People of Stone.

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